Women’s Acupuncture Clinic

Supporting your health and wellbeing through each stage of life.

With acupuncture treatment, we can identify imbalances before they become a problem, and make changes to boost your physical, emotional, mental and reproductive health.

“Having tried every avenue to alleviate a long term health issue, 6 months ago I decided to try acupuncture. Richard is a kind, skilful, dedicated practitioner, who listens attentively and clearly communicates all his treatment decisions. He works with patience and a truly supportive, caring manner, providing additional insights into his practice and offering helpful dietary and exercise advice. I feel so lucky to have found him – I  genuinely cannot recommend him highly enough.”

– Kate

What to expect

Free Consultation

We’ll have a brief chat about what’s going on and we may do some quick investigations. From this we’ll let you know if our approach is a good option for you, give an indication of how many treatments you might need, and how often you should come. You’ll also get to meet your practitioner and ask any questions you may have.

The Initial Consultation

This session lasts 90 minutes. Your practitioner will ask lots of questions, perform any examinations and get to the bottom of what they think is going on. There will then be time for a treatment and they may also give you advice on how best to manage the condition yourself between sessions.


At each treatment your practitioner will check on your progress. While each treatment is different, they’ll then usually insert a few needles, perhaps do some tui na massage or other techniques and let you rest with the needles for a period of time.

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