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Women’s Acupuncture Clinic

Supporting your health and wellbeing through each stage of life.

With acupuncture treatment, we can identify imbalances before they become a problem, and make changes to boost your physical, emotional, mental and reproductive health.

“Having tried every avenue to alleviate a long term health issue, 6 months ago I decided to try acupuncture. Richard is a kind, skilful, dedicated practitioner, who listens attentively and clearly communicates all his treatment decisions. He works with patience and a truly supportive, caring manner, providing additional insights into his practice and offering helpful dietary and exercise advice. I feel so lucky to have found him – I  genuinely cannot recommend him highly enough.”

– Kate

The Natural Fertility Cycle

Helping people who are having difficulty conceiving is an incredibly rewarding part of our practice. We’ve put together a package of treatment tailored to women who are considering IVF but want to try a more natural approach first. Read more about the Natural Fertility Cycle here.