Cultivate mental stillness, fluid movement and relaxed power.

Qigong (pronounced ‘chee gung’) is a form of health exercise originating in China. It combines mind, body and breathing to promote health and longevity. Qigong is similar to tai chi, with two major differences: There are not such long sequences of movements to learn, and it isn’t a martial art (which tai chi is).


First we work on creating the proper structure. This involves not only standing and moving correctly, but also gently stretching and conditioning the body to open the joints and relax the muscles. The result is improved alignment (preventing future pain and injury), suppleness, rootedness and balance.


Through proper structure, breathing and intention we begin to tune into the body’s energy system. Often this is initially experienced as heat, then vibration or movement. By using different postures and movements, we can direct flow to different organs or areas of the body, according to what we need.


Many people struggle to settle the mind in meditation. The movements of qigong are interesting enough to help the beginner maintain concentration. But the movements are simple and repetitive enough that the practice can be deeply meditative. Sometimes we wish to use a relaxed awareness – listening to what is going on in the body. Other times we need to use a stronger focused intention in order to create change. Qigong develops both of these skills.

Qigong in the Malvern Hills

Qigong Classes in the Malvern Hills

Classes are run in 4-7 week terms depending on the material covered. For most classes you will need to pay up front for the term. This helps you commit to coming regularly, makes the classes cheaper and means one group can work through the term together without new students joining and needing to catch up.

Get in touch if you’re interested in joining the next term of classes.