Because being healthy is more than just not being ill.

Acupuncture is great for taking you from pain or injury to your pain-free normal. But what if you want to be better than normal? How do you optimise your wellbeing and stay healthy so you can prevent injuries and illness in the future?

Our model of wellbeing

A holistic model for healthy lifestyle, comprising body, energy and mind

This is our holistic model of wellbeing. It defines the main areas of wellbeing – body, energy and mind. Each area is split into three qualities, which should be balanced for optimal health, and can be trained to some degree. The 15 attributes in the outer ring are the positive result of training the 9 qualities.

Most therapists, practitioners and health experts focus their attention within one area of health and wellbeing – for example nutritionists work exclusively with nutrition (energy) and personal trainers tend to work on fitness and strength (body).

This model recognises that optimal health requires a degree of balance between and within these areas. You will therefore make the best improvements in wellbeing by focusing on the areas you struggle with the most.