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Acupuncture Pain and Injury Clinic

Who do we treat?

We treat people with all kinds of pain conditions, from injuries that are slow to repair to more complex internal conditions like headaches and digestive issues.

Usually people come for acupuncture when they have tried all of the conventional options and are still in pain. This means we tend to see difficult and stubborn cases, yet we still often get great results.

Sometimes people have acupuncture because they don’t want to have to take strong medications or in the hopes of avoiding surgery. Our approach is drug-free and the side effects of treatment are usually positive rather than negative – because treatments are holistic, other apparently unrelated problems may improve. Sometimes interventions like surgery are unavoidable, but we think they should always be a last resort.

When all other treatment types had been exhausted (medicines, other holistic therapies and even surgery), acupuncture gave me hope that I could get back to a life without pain. Richard made me feel comfortable with his easy manner and friendly professionalism and now I feel like I have been put back together.”

– Alex N.

Our Approach

Your first session includes a detailed consultation, where we’ll consider all aspects of your health, not just your main presenting complaint. Sometimes painful conditions are affected by previous injuries, diet, activity, posture, climate and emotions. By taking all of these areas into consideration, we can use appropriate treatment techniques as well as offer lifestyle advice and exercises tailored to your specific needs. You will also be given an acupuncture treatment during your first session, and we may use massage or other techniques like moxa, cupping or gua sha. You can learn about these techniques here.

Case Studies

Read some examples of how some of our patients have responded to treatment for common conditions.

Get out of pain and back to your life.

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