Case Study Series


We see quite a few people with headaches and migraines. They can be quite complicated, as there are all sorts of triggers and imbalances that can be responsible. The key is to understand the quality and location of the pain, what makes it better and worse, if any kinds of food trigger it, and so on. Sometimes the cause is from muscular tightness in the neck and shoulders, but it can just as easily be due to stress or other emotional issues, digestive imbalances and more. This is where the holistic Chinese medicine approach can be really valuable.

diagram showing areas of migraines to be treated with acupuncture

Case Study


Female (68). Had always suffered with headaches, but had become migraines over the last 6 years. The pain moved around but was mostly in the temporal/jaw area. She was having migraines once a week and they would last 1-3 days, and would then feel exhausted for a further day or so.


Treatment mostly involved distal points in the hands and feet, with occasional points on the shoulder or head. A traditional Chinese medicine approach was used, essentially bringing excess qi out of the head, clearing stagnation and ‘subduing Liver Yang’.


After the first two treatments, the frequency of migraines decreased. After the fourth treatment, she was only getting occasional mild headaches (no migraines). We then started added ‘Blood-nourishing’ treatments, after which the mild headaches also resolved.

After a total of 7 treatments the patient was reporting no headaches at all.

I saw her again two years later to treat some newly developed osteoarthritis in her neck – she reported only having very occasional headaches which were nothing like as bad as they had been before.

“I visited Richard initially with symptoms of the menopause – I didn’t want to take HRT and wanted a more holistic way to get through it.  Even after the first treatment the night sweats diminished and the headaches lessened.  This continued to be the case and it passed off uneventfully thanks to his treatment. I continue to see Richard more for ‘general maintenance’ as I always manage to damage myself in some way and he always manages to help.  Most recently he relieved 3 months of hip pain related to a knee operation in just one session. I would highly recommend him.”

– Caroline C.

“After some bad experiences at other clinics I was delighted to find Richard… He was very personable and always had time to sit and talk about how I had been since the last session. I feels he genuinely cares about his clients and this comes across in his attentiveness and the time he puts into each session. He really helped me cope with debilitating chronic pain and health conditions and helped to picked me up at my lowest points.

Richard always seems to be developing his skills and expertise – I have seen many practitioners over the years and I’ve found the best ones are those that regularly attend further training.

I also attended a qi gong beginners course taught by Richard and regular classes. I would highly recommend him for both acupuncture and Qi Gong. Thank you Richard for your time and support over the years.”

– Deena M.